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Purchasing system

RZD Medicine

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Integration with accounting system 1C
Project partner::
Maintenance and integration of licensed 1C products – Rixap Group of Companies

Project objectives
To develop a Unified Purchasing System to optimize the purchasing processes, help to plan and conduct purchases quickly, monitor the fulfillment of the terms of each contract. To integrate with the system 'Reference Nomenclator' that allows to standardize the organization's nomenclature and bring it to one type.

Customers, manufacturers and suppliers of goods/services; persons responsible for monitoring procurement activities (analysts, buyers, department heads, regulatory authorities, supply managers, regional managers)
What we have done
Collected customer's requirements
Developed a unique software in accordance with customer's needs
Conducted an audit of the customer’s procurement activities and description of business processes
Developed technical documentation
Coordinated, received and implemented an access to the Customer's secure network
Set up operations
Developed training materials and user instructions
Implemented the 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd lines of technical support

The results
Optimized processes for planning and purchasing goods and services
Provided the opportunity to collect and analyze the data
Created a unified database of contracts, orders and goods with the ability to provide reporting
more than

25 000

throughout Russia
more than

71,5 bn rubles

of planned

more than

780 000

more than

230 bn rubles

of orders

RZD Medicine
Unified Medical Information System
Resource Center for Universal Design and Rehabilitation Technologies
Genetic data interpretation system