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Genetic data interpretation system

Resource Center for Universal Design and Rehabilitation Technologies

We arranged data collection and carried out all internal work
"Project partner: Genetic research – Atlas LLC"

Project objectives
To develop tool for genetic cancer and hereditary diseases risk assessment, and for improving nutrition according to the results of the genetic testing. The system in future will make it possible to determine the most effective method of treating cancer depending on the genetic predisposition of the patient and will help to individualize treatment in order to improve results.

Cancer centers, health departments, patients in cancer centers, ordinary citizens.
What we have done
Collected the data
Conducted an audit of the existing medical information systems, and information exchange standards that are used
Designed technical requirements to implement the project
Coordinated, received and implemented an access to the Customer's secure network
Collected an information about business processes
Migrated the data
Installed a software at the Customer's facilities
Set up operations
Instructed the staff
Developed technical documentation and training materials
Implemented the 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd lines of technical support
Developed the tool to provide an integration with other software, including those using AI

The results
We implemented the collection of medical data from Medical Information System*, Lab Information System*, Radiological Information System*, as well as:
  • data unification;
  • data storage;
  • the ability to analyze and work with this data.
Implemented automatic interpretation of genetic data:
  • subsystem for analysis and interpretation of oncological genetic biomarkers;
  • subsystem for analysis and interpretation of whole-genome data;
  • microbiome analysis and interpretation subsystem.
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